Cell Phone Tracking App – See how it works!

You should be aware that manufacturers of cell phones, including Samsung, Motorola, Apple, and Xiaomi, have built-in technology to find lost or stolen smartphones.

You may need to track your cell phone at some point in your life if your device has been stolen, lost, or if you are unsure of where to look for it. These are just a few of the frequent situations that call for specific actions.

If you’re looking for a different way to track a cell phone, whether it belongs to you or someone else, we’ll outline all the steps required to carry out this type of action. See the detailed explanation below;

Step by Step for Cell Phone Tracking Application – See How It Works!

If you are wondering how to track my phone with Google, read on. Access the best Android alternatives by reading the full article.

Step 1: Go directly to the app store or, if you are on your computer, via the website: https://play.google.com/


Step 2: Visit Find My Device using the button below, and log in with the same Google account you used to log in to your lost phone.

Step 3: The device will be listed. If you have more than one Android device, select the correct one from the list at the top.

Step 4: The associated device will receive a notification stating it has been found.

Step 5: The approximate location of the device is required on the map.

After tracking a device, users have access to three options:

  • Play Sound: The device will play a loud alarm for five minutes, even in silent mode.
  • Lock: Locks a stolen or lost phone with a password.
  • Erase: Erase everything on the phone. When there is no longer hope of finding him, she is instructed. After using this option, the device can no longer be located.

The possibility of being able to track your cell phone for free in any circumstance, from theft to tracking your kids’ phones to your husband or wife’s, is one of the most intriguing things.

In this sense, we can say that none of this would be possible without extremely intelligent software programs that had the most cutting-edge features to pull it off.

We can find stolen or lost cell phones or devices using these free cell phone tracking apps, as well as keep track of members of your family.

As a result, the best information and the best free cell phone tracking apps are listed below, along with all the necessary information:

How do free cell phone tracking apps work?

Before looking at the list of the top free cell phone tracking apps, it’s interesting to know how everything is done, especially how this process works, to gain a better understanding of how it all works.

In order to help you understand more, let’s mention that these applications use cutting-edge technology that enables connections to cell towers, GPS satellites, and even Wi-Fi connections.

It can quickly and safely determine the precise location of that cell phone based on the parity of information obtained through one of these connectivity tools.

Because these applications are so reliable, even the police use them frequently when robberies take place. You can track the movement of the location in real time and find out where it is by dialing and searching within the free mobile phone tracking app.

Additional tracking tools for Android

When using Xiaomi cell phones, for instance, the user can also track the phone through the Xiaomi account. I just lost my phone, how can I track it with other kinds of resources?

To do this, turn on the setting in your phone’s settings that allows you to find the device. Additionally, device location must be enabled. Following that, the tracking procedure is completed quickly using the Xiaomi Cloud website.

With regard to Samsung, the company also offers a built-in feature for tracking Galaxy-branded smartphones; in contrast to earlier tools, this one does not require an internet connection.

It has been possible to use this mechanism since version 7.2. Devices running older versions of 07.19 must be updated.

How to find my iPhone (iOS) device

To track your Apple cell phone, use the “Find My iPhone” option, which works like a Google tool.

Cell Phone Tracking

This app allows you to find devices even if they are turned off or not connected to the internet. After activating this option, follow the instructions below:

Step 1. Enter the iCloud tracking page using the button below.

Step 2. Sign in with your Apple ID email and password.

Step 3. Wait until the location of the device appears on your screen.

Step 4. To be able to obtain more information, click on (i) next to the iPhone.

The available options are very similar to those available in Google Tools. See what they are below:

  • Sound Playback: Causes the iPhone to beep. It is useful in cases where the cell phone is lost, but in case of assault or theft there is no point in using this tool.
  • Lost Cellular Mode: Immediately block access to the device and begin tracking its location, showing a 24-hour history of where the phone has been. It is the most appropriate choice in case of theft or theft.
  • Erase iPhone Mode: erases everything on the device. He can’t find it anymore.

Well, these were our guidelines for cell phone tracking. Use the alternative that covers your device model.

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