Applications to Measure Glucose – See STEP by STEP

Monitoring our blood sugar levels is essential for maintaining health, and there is currently an application to measure glucose that can help you with this process.

Diabetes control is something that you should be concerned about if you have changes in your blood sugar levels, and the applications were developed to serve as an additional aid in this monitoring process.

Throughout our content today, we will show you how glucose measurement apps work. Most of the versions available in app stores are currently free. Therefore, just learn how to use them and enjoy this function.

STEP by STEP – Applications to Measure Glucose

In this post, you will receive some recommendations for applications that can be installed on your cell phone and help control diabetes. Therefore, see below how they are downloaded to your cell phone:

STEP 1 – First, the user needs to open the application store on their cell phone (Google Play or APP Store)


STEP 2 – Next, you must use the search field to find the application to measure glucose that interests you.

STEP 3 – When you find it, click to download and open it on your cell phone.

STEP 4 – After installing the application, you can now use it. Remembering that many of them may ask for a small registration form, in which you must provide the necessary information to monitor your blood glucose levels.

STEP 5 – Okay, now just use the application to measure glucose, following the instructions that will appear on your screen. Access is unlimited, and you will only need an internet connection to use it.

Applications to measure glucose

Diabetes is a disease that can be controlled through health care, such as physical exercise and a healthy diet. Furthermore, it is necessary to constantly monitor blood sugar levels.

Applications to measure glucose

With the advancement of digital technology, people suffering from diabetes can now control the disease using applications to measure glucose.

If you haven’t yet decided which is the best app to measure glucose, we have an article with a complete list of the best versions at the moment, and you can check them out by clicking the button below.

See below a list of some of the best apps for measuring glucose.

1. Diabetes Connect

The Diabetes Connect application stands out for being an efficient instrument for recording all data related to the disease. All this very easily for those who use it. With Diabetes Connect, you can check different information.

Applications to measure glucose

For example, with this app, you can check your blood sugar levels; monitoring the meals you are eating; the control of insulin injections that need to be applied, among other data that bring more security to the user.

Its difference is that it can be synchronized with other applications that the user has, which makes daily use more practical. It is indicated for patients controlling Type and Type 2 Diabetes.

2. Glic

Glic is an application developed in Brazil and is the only application recognized by the Brazilian Diabetes Society. It presents a very practical interface for the user to access and test the resources available.

Applications to measure glucose

It works in such a way that the user registers and reports the current glycemic index to the application website. Thus, it will perform a calculation that will highlight what the correction index is. When you inform the application, daily, of the foods you are consuming, the application will produce a report.

It will contain all the necessary information about the daily glycemic index. It also informs you when the need for an extra application arises due to the possibility of hypoglycemia.

3. mySugr

mySugr is an application that works like a diabetes diary. With it, the user will be able to carry out all daily blood glucose monitoring. To do this, it has features such as a carbohydrate and blood glucose tracker; Bolus Calculator, among other features.

Applications to measure glucose

It is an application recommended for people with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes and can be used, downloading for free.

4. FreeStyle Libre

A very popular application for its ability to indirectly check the blood glucose levels of people with diabetes. It produces graphs and complete reports on how much glucose is in a person’s blood, anytime or anywhere the user is.

Applications to measure glucose

The FreeStyle Libre is used to check glucose levels in the interstitial fluid in people with diabetes, as well as pregnant women.

The application also has data storage for 3 months, and can also receive various information about the user’s nutrition; on physical exercise practices, among other data.

5. Minsulin

Another free app suggestion for people with diabetes is Minsulin. This application is available for download and use on iOS and Android versions.

Like the other application options we highlight in this article, Minsulin allows the user to calculate the insulin dose from the food they eat.

This count is done by analyzing the amount of carbohydrates ingested in a meal. Other features are available on Minsulin. Such as: obtaining data regarding blood glucose levels, for example.

6. iGlicho

An application that brings a series of resources for glucose control. With iGlicho it is possible for the user to control blood glucose levels, have access to reports with data and graphs on the current stage of diabetes, and can forward this information to the doctor.

Furthermore, one of the main features it offers is the possibility of forwarding messages to the doctor. This allows for even more effective and safe control for users who have diabetes.

7. Insulin Calculator

Our last app suggestion is the Insulin Calculator. It is aimed at people with Type 1 Diabetes. From the application, it is possible to calculate insulin dosages. Using the application, the individual can properly control the insulin doses that need to be applied.

Applications to measure glucose

It also has the advantage of presenting an interface that is very practical to use. It is only available for the Android version.

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